Q: Why do I need an additional Mini-OP-light?

A: With the use of conventional OP-lighting, shadows appear. Pure white light

      with viewing direction (coaxial sight) can guarantee a shadow free working  

      dimension and a clear contrast e.g. from blood and tissue. A clear advantage is seen 

      when working in the back of the oral cavity, in micro surgery and while working with 

      loupes. As a rule, loupes absorb light, which therefore makes the application of  

      additional lighting in the work area more comfortable, since the frequent movements

      of your hands to adjust the OP-light is no longer necessary.

Q: What is LED?

A: This is an optical semi-conductor that emits visible light of a certain wavelength. 

      The LED is smaller and lighter than conventional bulbs, has a much longer life

      span and has low heat emission. Thus, a high power LED has low energy 

      consumption, approximately 20% less than conventional halogen lighting. In

      addition, LED’s are robust and durable, and have a lifespan of up to 50,000


Q: Why is white light so important?

A:  In medicine, color differences must be clearly identifiable, such as blood and

       tissue. This is possible with a 5500 K pure white LED light. For example the

       Dynalight and the PG Radiance Highlight.

Q: Is it possible to process composite materials while using LED light?

A: Composite materials, according to manufacturers harden at a range wavelength 

      from 420-580 mm. But as our LED lights produce a full spectrum of light, this

      area is of minor concern. Therefore many customary composite materials can be

      easily handled without an additional light filter.

Q:  What is a Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion) battery pack?

A:  A Li-Ion battery pack is a rechargeable battery pack without a memory effect. These are

       used in mobile phones.

Q  Is the power-cell rechargeable?

A: Yes. All of our mobile Mini-OP lights are powered by rechargeable LI-Ion battery packs.

       These can be recharged within a short period of time, in any conventional socket with the

       power cable. This is supplied with the product.

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